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Sellers Guide

A forward looking business based on traditional values, we always strive to be at the forefront of the property sales market, and invest much time and effort in ensuring that we are fully up to date with ever changing laws and government legislation, together with our attention to detail and conscientious attitude, we have the experience, resources and skills to deliver the kind of services that vendors expect.

Choosing Your Agent

Having established the value of your property and decided to go onto the market, you will need to choose an Agent to act for you. When considering which agent to use, watch out for those suggesting inflated values (which can leave you languishing on the market whilst those around you sell) A successful agency will have a comprehensive marketing strategy and methods, professionally qualified & courteous staff and a realistic expectation of what the market can achieve. With us, you'll always have access to the sales manager dedicated to sales. But, beyond that, we provide a significantly higher level of service that you would typically expect from a traditional estate agency.

Get Your Home Market-Ready

First impressions are important, so check your kerb appeal: tidy the garden front and back, paint window sills and the front door if needed, ensure the view through the front windows is appealing too. Rooms inside should be kept tidy, (don't be surprised if people stop and have a good peer into your home to see if it might suit them). Declutter - consider putting some of your stuff in storage, tidy and clean, neutralise animal smells, get someone to take the kids and pets out during viewings.

Receiving Offers

Don't take ages to consider each new offer before responding - too long, and the buyer may lose interest. Be aware of your position - if the market is rising and you have an attractive property in a popular area, then you are in a strong position and should not move too much on price. If the market is slow, then you have to compromise more, or risk losing your buyer and waiting a long time to find another.

How to Decide What Offer to Accept

Work out how much you need to sell for to meet your objectives. Work out how much, if any, equity (i.e value) you have in your current property. Calculate how much you can use as a down-payment on your next property. Get advice if you need it from an independent financial advisor. It'll pay in the long-run and have your mortgage agreed in principle early on.

Working With Your Solicitor

Once you have accepted an offer the legal process starts, your solicitor will arrange for contracts to be drawn up and agreed, keep on top of your solicitor to ensure the process progresses smoothly and speedily. Don't let a sale fall through because of delays you or your solicitor may have caused.

Exchange and Completion

When you exchange your solicitor will receive a deposit of 10%. You complete when your solicitor confirms full payment is made for your property, you move out and hand the keys to the estate agent and that legal title is transferred to your buyer.

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