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Commercial Guide

Paragon Estate Agents are an established firm, specialising in most matter relating to commercial properties. Based in the heart of Kingsbury North West London we cover the majority of the surrounding areas. We sell and rent variety of commercial properties including shops, offices, warehouses, restaurants and takeaways. We also deal with Freehold sales, investment properties and the sale or purchase of businesses.

Commercial properties are covered by The Town and Country Planning (Uses Classes) Order 1987, which divides the uses of business properties and land into different categories. Classes Use.

Classes Description General Development

A1 Shops - Class I

Shops, retail warehouses, hairdressers, undertakers, travel and ticket agencies, post offices, dry cleaners, etc Pet shops, cats-meat shops, tripe shops, sandwich bars Showrooms, domestic hire shops, funeral directors Order 1998 - No permitted change

A2 Financial and Professional Services - Class II

Banks, building societies, estate and employment agencies Professional and financial services, betting offices <
Order 1998 - Permitted change to A1 where a ground floor display window exists

A3 Food and Drink

Restaurants, pubs, snack bars, cafés, wine bars, shops for sale of hot food
Order 1998 - Permitted change to A1 or A2

Sui Generis

Shops selling and/or displaying motor vehicles
Order 1998 - Permitted change to A1

Launderettes, taxi or vehicle hire businesses, amusement centres, petrol filling stations
Order 1998 - No permitted change

B1 Business - Class II & Class III

Offices, not within A2, Research and development studios, laboratories, high tech Light industry
Permitted change to B8 where no more than 235sqm

B2 General Industrial - Class IV-IX

General industrial
Order 1998 - Permitted change to B1 or B8 B8 limited to no more than 235 sqm

B8 Storage and distribution - Class X

Wholesale warehouse, distribution centres, repositories
Order 1998 - Permitted change to B1 where no more than 235 sqm

Sui Generis

Any work registerable under the Alkali, etc. Works Regulation Act, 1906
Order 1998 - No permitted change

C1 Hotels - Class XI

Hotels, boarding and guest houses
Order 1998 - No permitted change

C2 Residential Institutions - Class XII & Class XIV

Residential schools and colleges Hospitals and convalescent/nursing homes
Order 1998 - No permitted change

C3 Dwelling Houses

Dwellings, small businesses at home, communal housing of elderly and handicapped (Six or less residents unless living together as a family.)
Order 1998 - No permitted change

Sui Generis

Order 1998 - No permitted change

D1 Non-residential Institutions - Class XIII, Class XV & Class XVI

Places of worship, church halls Clinics, health centres, crèches, day nurseries, consulting rooms Museums, public halls, libraries, art galleries, exhibition halls Non-residential education and training centres
Order 1998 - No permitted change

D2 Assembly and Leisure - Class XVII & Class XVIII

Cinemas, music and concert halls Dance, sports halls, swimming baths, skating rinks, gymnasiums Other indoor and outdoor sports and leisure uses, bingo halls, casinos
Order 1998 - No permitted change

Sui Generis - Class XVII

Order 1998 - No permitted change

We Offer The Following Services:

  • Extensions, Refurbishments and Renovations (Residential and Commercial)
  • Plumbing Repairs and Damp Treatments (Residential and Commercial)
  • Energy Performance Certificate “EPC” (Residential and Commercial)
  • Gas Safety Certificates and Installing New Boilers (Residential and Commercial)
  • Rewiring and Electrical Certificates (Residential and Commercial)
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